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Types of Balcony You Can Design In Your Home

The balcony is the most joyful corner in your home. If you are a nature lover or outgoing person then the balcony has a special place in your hearts. You can sit and enjoy the rain, flowers, and plants and enjoy the scenic view from your home. There are many Types of Balcony You Can Design in Your Home to enhance the beauty of your home. According to best Interior Designer, each type of balcony has its specific functioning so here we explain you Different Types of Balcony which you can design in your home.

False Balcony:-

As the name suggested a false balcony, it is like that they are not the balcony. They are artificially installed by the architecture as an additional feature as the house doesn’t have a real balcony. This balcony has a narrow deck and rail which is designed to hold the weight of plants. The chief purpose of this balcony decoration and it enhance the beauty of your home.

True Balcony:-

The true balcony extends from the second story of the building. It has a deck floor and railings which support a certain amount of weight of peoples, plants, and furniture not like the false balcony. It has a broad floor, additional outdoor space which you can utilize for sitting and enjoying the weather. So if you are an outdoor person then you should go for the true balcony.

Faux Balcony:-

Faux Balcony is a balcony with railings but doesn’t have any outdoor space for sitting or other activities. It is installed by the architecture to the existing properties as provide a real look to the building. This balcony has railing but no deck floor and mostly designed either to cover windows or doors. Moreover, this balcony is a better option for people who seek safety and decoration at the same time.

Mezzanine Balcony:-

Have you ever looks at the balcony of the hotel and rustic cabins with lofts then you get a visual image of the mezzanine balcony. It is typically a type of balcony which has a large deck with rails and projected outward from the wall. This balcony provides you the outer look of the building.

So, now you have complete knowledge of Types of Balcony and now choose a balcony according to your taste. Or you can also take the help from Interior Designer of Gurgaon.

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