About Us

Designer Homez is a full ser­vice firm spe­cial­iz­ing in high end res­i­den­tial pro­jects. The mission of Designer Homez is to create in­te­ri­ors that are time­less, original and warm.  The company was formed by principal Chhaya Sharma and Tarun Sharma. Trained as an Interior Designer in Paris, Chhaya has developed a passion for design from different eras, origins, cultures and styles. Her understanding of scale, proportion and design leads her to create harmonious, clean and warm residential environments.

Chhaya Sharma studied at the LISAA of Paris and gained her experience working at two top design firms in  Gurgaon. She has designed, renovated and redesigned high end residential projects throughout the city and was fortunate to work on Ireo, M3M and many other high end residential projects.

Tarun Sharma ,Cofounder and Director of Designer Homez,  has spent more than a decade in the industry with an extremely powerful technical perspective in Design, specializing in high end and bespoke residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors. 

His journey has started long way back when he had to start and unfinished project without any prior knowledge in industry. Due to his love in architecture and Design field, he discovered his Eye for design and decided to persue design as his carrier. After all of his related higher education, he got a chance to work with one of our esteemed client and finished a flawless project and then he never looked back.

He also has work as a consultant for International Standard Of Organization for almost 14 years before the design field which helped him a lot in curating quality product and services. His primary focus is always on the best quality, which is one of the most important key factor in this Industry. 

He strongly believes in timeless and unique designs . All of his tailored made modern project has a reflection of timeless hand crafted classic elements.

Our Vision & Promise

  • Providing our clients with spectacularly designed homes built with superb quality.

  • The focus on quality remains our number one priority.

  • Aesthetics are highlighted in our built spaces so that art, architecture and personal experience come together beautifully.

  • Hassle free and Transparent  process.

  • We believe in designing not just homes, but a relationship with our clients that lasts well beyond the first interaction.