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Complete Guide to False Ceiling for Your Home

The concept of false ceiling seems to be a bit the latest in home interior designing concept. Now either most of the homes have a false ceiling or renovate their home with a false ceiling to make it look more stylish and modern. Now the question here arises: Are False Ceiling budgets Friendly? If we talk about the budget of the false ceiling then, it depends upon various factors including POP, gypsum boards, etc. But here is another important question about false ceilings like What is False Ceiling and Why is False Ceiling is used?

What is False Ceiling and Why False Ceiling is used?

False Ceiling is created as an essentially artificial ceiling which is shaped as a lowered extension of the original ceiling. The false ceiling created a gap between the exiting and false ceiling which is used for installing lights, air- conditioning vents, and other extra effects equipment. Moreover, it ensures the room from absorbing the heat and sound also. These are best for the room with a higher ceiling as it enables the addition to the depth of any room.

Now, below are the factors that affect the cost of the False Ceiling.

Cost Affecting Features of False Ceiling:-

Several factors affect the cost of the false ceiling is explained below.

Area to be covered: The less the area the less is the cost. It is because the less area will require less material and a large area will require more material thus when you require more material you can order it in bulk. The bulk order will cost you less.

Location: The price of the false ceiling depends upon the market or location where you are purchasing the material of the false ceiling. If you are purchasing the material from the place where there is a high demand for the modern ceiling then, it usually costs you less. So, buy the false ceiling where demands are usually high.

Quality/ Type of Design: There are various materials to be used in the false ceiling which varies in terms of quality grade. In addition to the quality and materials, the cost also depends upon the complexity of the pattern and design to be used in that particular false ceiling.

Other Components: The cost of the false ceiling also depends upon the other components which have to be used in the false ceiling including electrical work, light fixtures, surface finish, etc. The surface finish will influence the overall cost because some home need additional electrical wiring or some sorts of repair of the ceiling surface before the work started.

Types of False Ceiling:-

There are various types of false ceiling designs which have their advantage and disadvantage.

Gypsum False Ceiling: It is an essential of hydrated sulfate of calcium and also a primary material for false ceiling. This is lightly weighted, sound insulated, fire-resistant, economical, etc. Moreover, it has versatile material thus can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and other places. It will cost you approx INR 75 per square foot.

POP False Ceiling: It has versatility material thus; it can be used perfectly with the coves lights and offer a smooth finish. This can be perfectly used with the wood or glass for a better finish and suited for living and bedrooms. Moreover, the price of the POP ceiling is approx INR 175 to INR 120 per square foot whereas, the POP cornices or decorative will cost you approx INR 45 per foot.

Grid False Ceiling: This ceiling is made of gypsum tiles or metal and comes in a standard size of 2x2 feet. It has a smooth, textured or patterned finish. In addition to this, you will get this false ceiling in various styles including drop ceiling, suspended ceilings, T-bar ceilings, etc. The grid false ceiling price is starting from INR 75 per square foot. Further, the grid ceiling is best for the bedroom and living room.

This is a Complete Guide to False Ceiling for Home. So, from the above explanation, we can say that false is economical depending upon the complexity of the design, quality, pattern and other factors cost may defer. False ceiling is the best way to Decorate Home in Affordable Price to know more Home Decoration design visit the Designer Homez now.

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