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Why Modular Kitchen Is A Demand Of Contemporary Living?

The changing scenario of living also changes our homes and their design. Now, India has come across to the new designing style of the kitchen which is well known as Modular Kitchen. But in its short history, it gains huge popularity because of its looks and functionality. The modular kitchens are more ergonomically, hygienic, and durable as compared to the traditional kitchen. This is also proven by the Top Interior Designing Company of Gurgaon but some people still deny this fact. So, here we explain to you all about Modular Kitchen Advantages. To know Why Modular Kitchen is a better option to read the following blog carefully.

modular kitchen renovation

Difference between Traditional and Modular Kitchen:-

The traditional kitchen usually has a structure which has a base platform, partitions, shelves made of concrete or stone. The boxes in the wall are either open concrete, non-existent or painted hand-cut boxes. On the other hand, Modular Kitchen is made of individual wooden boxes which are constructed on legs and use innovative hardware, hinges to construct storage. Moreover, the modular kitchen stands on legs instead of sitting on an uneven partition.

Disadvantage of Traditional Kitchen:-

The counter-top and inside platform is painted with paint regular paints which rooted dampness to see through. As the borders of the platforms are rough the shutters can be fit properly in them which leave empty spaces between them. These cracks, crevices and empty spaces leave spaces for insects and cockroaches. In addition to this, the traditional kitchen stone surface cannot install latest fittings. The traditional kitchens use the telescopic channel for which strips of wood were drilled into stone so that channels could be fixed in them. This makes the telescopic channels motion tough and can be damaged easily. In a traditional kitchen, you cannot install the drawer system and corner solution. As the water area is also made of stone it is durable but extremely difficult to clean.

modular kitchen renovation and designing

Advantage of Modular Kitchen:-

The modular kitchens are made on 4 inches off the floor which provides an extra protective layer to the boxes. This protects them from water and dust and every individual box are made of wooden material with 16 to 18 mm thickness. This feature makes sure less space wasted in the form of partitions and more can be utilized. In addition to this, the boxes are pressed with food-grade lamination which is more hygienic than paints. The modules used in these kitchens are cut and pressed on machinery which ensures no gaps between shutter and the boxes remain open. In terms of load-bearing capacities, these kitchens serve better. Moreover, the advance fittings like pull out, pull-downs and hydraulic fittings make the cooking space organized and enhance its functionality. In modular kitchen pull-downs, shelves make the top cabinetry easy accessible. Further, the modular kitchens are constructing in a way that only 10% of boxes touch the wall. In modular kitchens, even the deadest space can be used in the form of S or U shaped cabinet form. Hence, the modular kitchen is the best option in terms of space, hygiene, appearance, functionality, etc.

So, we hope by reading this blog you can make a clear choice between traditional and Modular Kitchen. For Modular kitchen renovation or interior designing, you can visit DesignerHomez now.

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