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Guideline for Cleaning & Maintaining Modular Kitchen

Nowadays we prefer the modular and High-End Luxurious Interior Kitchen as they look beautiful. The Modular Kitchen adds beauty to your home and has high functionality. But the important thing is that we have to take care of more dedicatedly of our beautiful things. This is because they are delicate so need more attention as compare to rough and tough things. So, with our modular kitchen, they are not so delicate but they need more attention and effort as compare to the traditional kitchen. The cleaning & maintaining can become a little time consuming and difficult task so here are some Guideline for Cleaning & Maintaining Modular Kitchen.

Cleaning Modular Kitchen

For Cleaning Of Top Surface:-

Every kitchen is designed by using different material such as acrylic, PU, wood, glass, etc. So you must always clean the top surface according to the material used in your kitchen. If your kitchen has a wooden cabinet and drawers then it is advisable to clean the top surface with the wet cloth. This will prevent the wooden cabinet from getting scratch. If your kitchen is designed in acrylic or PU then you should wipe it with a soft and clean cloth. Moreover, your kitchen has steel finished cabinet and drawers then clean it with a wet cloth can lead to corrosion so avoid this. But if your cabinet got rusting then you can clean it by using a paste of baking soda and lemon and then scrubbing it with toothpaste to avoid any kind scratch.

For Hardware& Electronic:-

As the damage done to hardware & electronic is invisible so it is important to take care of these items properly. Hence it is advisable to use clean them with dry soft and clean cloth not with the wet cloth because you might get electronics shock. So it is advisable to always clean the electronic and hardware item with a dry cloth.

For Glass Cleaning:-

In order to clean glass top or glass, it is advised to always wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth or soak it with damp newspaper. Moreover, you can use a glass cleaner solution but do not spray directly because it may damage the wood around the glass. Even a small scratch is visible in the glass so always be very careful with glass.

General Cleaning Guidelines:-

It is always advisable to keep a separate cloth for cleaning counter, cabinet, etc. because the cleaning solution or detergent will adversely harm you. If you use the same cloth for cleaning utensils or other hygienic items it may lead to may health issues. So never do that. Moreover, never neglect any leakage in the kitchen as it is very harmful to your home.

So, these are some Guidelines for How to Clean & Maintain a Modular Kitchen. You can also check more Modular Kitchen Designs in Gurgaon from Designer Homez.

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