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Make Your Home Beautiful this Season with Summer Decorating Tips

We are officially a few days into the summer and there can be no better time than this to refresh your home. Designer Homez, an interior designing company in Gurgaon, shares top summer decorating tips to welcome the warm weather and festive season guests. So that you can pick and choose the elements you want to incorporate into your home this season.

Make Your Home Beautiful

· Rethink textiles :-

You can bring lighter colors and textiles into your home by replacing velvet with linen, deep jewel tones with dusty pastels and heavy curtains with sheers. Nothing says summer like a white sheer curtain oscillating in the breeze.

· Be fruity:-

Some flowers are not able to cope with the heat very well, so instead, you can decorate bowls and vases filled with beautiful summer fruit. On the dining table or kitchen bench, mount a platter high with lemons or small melons. In the living room, place small bowls filled with cherries, lychees, dragon fruit, or berries on side tables.

· Embrace the beautiful blues:-

Indigo, turquoise, and ultramarine blue can be the hottest colors to decorate with this season. But the love for blue doesn’t have to limit with only these colors. Playing with different shades of blue in one space gives a crisp and refreshing take on adding an accent color. Shades of blue look fantastic when used in glass or melamine, tableware and accessories. Even if rest of your home is neutral, you can have just one pop of this cool hue to bring a fresh summer vibe.

· Engage all the senses:-

Scent plays an important part in creating the right vibe at home. So now, it is the time to freshen up with uplifting candles, room sprays and diff users in fragrances that include notes of mint, lavender, white flowers, like jasmine and fruit, like citrus.

· Decorate with metals:-

Metals can act as a catalyst in increasing the beauty of your house. Not only are precious metals such as gold is trending, but bronze is also making a comeback. The current trend is subtle and fine-drawn hints of these metals in classic accent form. Mirrors, lighting fixtures, handle, knobs, and even decorative pieces in metals are the perfect accessories for any room this season and beyond. These metal decorating tips and ideas are sure to spark some creativity for you.

Interior designing company Gurgaon

· Natural Elements:-

If you don’t have green fingers, summer is the perfect time to try your hand at it. So, this summer bring nature into your home by keeping plants inside is an interior design trend that has caught on and is growing in popularity. Although all plants require some type of maintenance, there are many that require only a little, such as succulents and air plants. Plants, unobstructed outdoor views and even faux plants are simple ways to add a natural element to your decor and be updated with the current interior design trends.

· Making underfoot beautiful :-

When everything in your home is fine ignoring underfoot is not justice at all. One of the simplest things you can do to update your home for this summer is to roll up your rugs and put them away until autumn. Visually, the wide expanse of the floor will make your room feel lighter and well-ventilated, and in the warmer months, hard flooring feels lovely and cool underfoot. However, if you can’t do without a rug, you can try a woven cotton or jute option, which are lighter than wool, silk or synthetic blends and are comparatively affordable.

Your choices are so varied when it comes to being on trend this summer. Whether you want a dash of the extreme color to reflect the usual tones of summer or soft colors that will last throughout the seasons, you are safe with these options. So what will it be? Decorating with metals, or embracing the beautiful blues? If you still can’t decide, we are here to help you. Schedule your free consultation with a DesignerHomez today!

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