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5 Windows Styles which Suits Indian House Interior

Windows are not just for giving the outer view, it is more than that. The windows are one of the essential features of the home. They are used for ventilation, sunlight and also enhance the beauty of the home. But, we often get confused about what type of window we design in our home. So, here are 5 Windows Styles which suits the Indian House Interior which you can opt for. Check out the Best Window Design For Home and choose the most suitable Window Designs for your home.

French Windows:-

French-style windows are also called Modern windows and look so stylish. These are the windows without any sort of protective grill. These are mainly floor to floor, wall to wall or floor to ceiling. In these windows, fiberglass is fixed horizontally and vertically and can be open by sliding the windows fiberglass. The fiberglass can either be fixed in a wood or metal frame. Moreover, if you are choosing this window style for your home then, be careful about the glass to ensure safety. And, be also careful while choosing a curtain for your windows because curtains regulate the sunlight.

Traditional Windows:-

If you are a traditional lover or you are planning to design a traditional style home then, these Traditional Windows will suit your home most. These windows are of the wooden frame with numerous types of grill designs. The windows are consist of wooden shutters. Moreover, the windows are safe and assure full safety. But, the only disadvantage with these windows is they block the sunlight.

Blend of French & Traditional:-

These windows are ideal for Indian home as it is a combination of both traditional as well as French. The windows are of glass which is fitted in the wooden frame. These windows have a fantastic look and are widely chosen because it suits the Indian climate very well.

Hopper Windows:-

The Hopper windows are the windows which open either from top or bottom and the sash moves in inward towards the house. These kinds of windows are perfect for the small spaces of the house. Moreover, these windows are ideal for the bathroom.

Double Hung Windows:-

The double-hung windows are sliding windows. In these windows, both the upper and lower sash can move vertically, and the horizontal sash can move left and right. These are one of the most popular windows since they were not so popular for exterior space.

These are the windows which you can design in your home. Visit for more detail Best Interior Designers company in Gurgaon.

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