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Design an Elegant Home According to Vastu

Vastu is the Indian “Science of Architecture” which defines principles for space arrangement, layout, measurement, about home. According to Indian and Buddhist religions, one must design his home according to Vastu brings harmony, wealth and prosperity in the home. So, here are some rules of Vastu define here to Design an Elegant Home.

Design Home According to Vastu

Glorious Entrance of the Home:-

The entrance gate is the welcoming gate which welcomes everyone no matter it’s a guest or energy. Therefore, it is important to make your home entrance design in such a way that it welcomes only positive energy. And the color which makes your guests feel welcomed. So, it is necessary you paint the exterior space with welcoming colors such as green, peach, yellow, off-white, etc. Just make sure you should avoid dark colors at the entrance.

Energetic Living Room:-

The living room is the first place which projects the personality of the homeowner. The living can impress you any guest and state your strong and bold personality to guests. But it is possible only with the help of the perfect combination of right furniture, furnishings, artifacts, colors, etc. Besides this according to Vastu, the face of the living room should be either in the north or northeast direction of the home. When it’s come to painting the wall then, keep the wall beige, white, green, cream or any other soothing color. In order to complement them use furnishing of yellow, green, gold, pink, turquoise as it attracts vibrant energy to the room.

Calming Puja room:-

According to the Vastu, the Pooja room should be in the northeast of the house so, it can observe maximum energy from the sun. If it's about the Puja room color then make it must be in yellow, white, indigo, violet, or orange. These colors are associated with Lord Krishna and observe maximum positive energy. Moreover, you can use these colors in your study room, meditation areas and other calming places. In case these color shades are brighter for you than you can also choose white because white symbolizes peace and purity.

Harmonious Kitchen:-

The kitchen in the house is the best which brings hope and harmony in the house. So it is important to design the kitchen in the south and southeast corner of the home. If this is the location of the kitchen in your home then paint it in yellow, orange because the kitchen symbolizes fire, encourages power and optimism. Make sure you don’t use the blue color in the kitchen as blue represents water and using blue color will put out the fire. Moreover, more suitable colors for the kitchen are white, pink and green as these colors bring purity and positivity, love and togetherness, and hope and harmony respectively.

Vastu Interior Designing

Soulful Bedroom:-

The Vastu entire concept depends upon the movements of the planets which affect the energy and vibes inside the house. So it is important to design the room and choose the colors according to the Vastu which attracts positive energy in the home. Likewise, the Vastu states the location of the bedroom. This is because a right located bedroom will help you in falling asleep peacefully and relax your mind. The bedroom in the home should be in the southwest location of the home. This location is important because it represents the earth's components. But make sure you choose the right color in order to avoid any kind of clash among the elements. So, if your bathroom in the southeast than choose the color which has earthy tones such as ivory, pink, golden, light brown, ochre yellow. These colors ensure strength, gratitude, endurance, health, etc. in your home. Moreover, if your bathroom is in the west direction of your house then, you should use colors like grey and blue. In case it is in the southeast then choose the colors such as green and blue. These colors are important they are ruled by the fire elements according to the Vastu. Moreover, the ideal color combination for the bedroom is pink and brown. In order to bring these colors to your bedroom, you can also choose the accessories, bedsheets and another bedroom essential for these colors.

Joyful Kids Room:-

Children bring joy to our home and require more care. We have to keep the design and color which bring joy to them and can encourage them mentally and boost their creativity. So make sure the children's room should be in the northwest location of the home. And the color of the children's room must be in a light tone such as light green or yellow as these light colors bring youth, growth, and joy and clarity in the room. Moreover, you can also use traditional such as pink and blue.

Color of the Bathroom:-

It is very important to design your bathroom according to the Vastu in order to avoid any kind of accidents or miss happening cause by slipping. So to avoid this, design your bathroom in the northeast corner of your home. In case your bathroom is in the southeast direction select color such as red, violet, pink, purple or orange. Moreover, if the bathroom is in the southeast corner then, choose neutral shades such as yellow, cream, etc.

These are the Vastu Home Rules which are important for harmony, growth, positive, togetherness, strength in the home. To know more Vastu Interior Designing Rules visit Designer homez.

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