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Discover The Iconic Bedroom Rules Need To Be Followed

A bedroom is a place where you calm, rejuvenate, haven yourself and retreat yourself with joy. So here we mention some rules to make your living more luxurious, sophisticated and elegant. Follow these Bedroom Décor Ideas and make an elegant place to live.

Bedroom Décor Ideas


Did ever happen to you that you wake up at night and your head or legs got mull and you got hurt? This is because of inappropriate space your bedroom has. So to tackle this spacing issue the space around the bed should be at least 36” around all sides of the beds. This will make comfortable walkways and you can walk comfortably around your bed. And even have your midnight snake without any trouble.


A bedroom must have a rug to enhance the beauty of the room but it must be placed properly with proper measurements to gain its complete charm. The rug should be minimum 24” to all sides of the bed. The appropriate size of the rugs for twin, full, queen, and king are 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’ and 9’12’ respectively. These are the proper size of rugs which you should follow according to your bed size. But in case if you don’t have the bed or rug of this size then it is advisable to put two smaller 2x3’ rug either side of the bed. If you are using a rug in your bedroom then it is advised to use the rug which left some space on both the sides of the beds. Because if it is not like that then your room looks congested and also squeeze the size of bedroom illustratively.


What a bedroom without a nightstand? The bedroom is incomplete without a nightstand but more than that it should be of the right size to complement the bedroom. The ideal size of the nightstand is 24”-27” and the height should be 5” higher or lower than the top. This is the appropriate size of the nightstand but on average you get mostly nightstand of 20”x20” which is also a fair size but for king size use a little large and for twin size use little smaller.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Light Fixture:-

Designing is all about size and measurement, if you place oversize or insignificant size things then your entire room looks odd. So, proper scaling is must, same goes with chandeliers in case your bedroom is of 10’x12’ then it requires a diameter of 22” diameter chandelier. The overhead lighting must be no lower than 7’ above the ground. But in case you have taller or smaller ceiling then add 3 inches more height for higher and decrease 3 inches if smaller. Moreover, place the light fixture over your bed and don’t hang too low so that the light can be evenly spread all over the room.

Table Lamp:-

Table lamp is a must and essential accessory of every bedroom. The height of the table lamp is depending upon the nightstand but remember that the bottom of the shade is around chin height if you sit upright in bed. This will avoid the harsh bulb light in your eyes.


Curtains are one of the most delicate elements of the rooms which play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the room. So, always hung your curtains according to rules to significantly glorify the charm of your bedroom. For this, you have to divide the wall space between the top of the window and the roof ceiling into thirds. After that, hang the curtain rod in the above 1/3 portion as it makes your ceilings look taller.

Follow the above mention ideas and you will see how your bedroom gains a charm of perfection. If you want to know more about Bedroom Interior Design Ideas then visit of Designer Homez website.

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